Meeting Minutes-

West Deptford Junior Women’s Club
September Business Meeting Minutes
Riverwinds Community Center 9/13/17

1. Meeting called to order 7:04pm by Jody Hauck. Attendees : Jodi Hauck, Heidi Klincewicz, Danielle Bright, Melissa Brown, Michelle Brown, Sheila Mikkelson, Aimee Boucher.
2. Pledge of Allegiance and Junior Pledge
3. Correspondence
a. Correspondence shall be forwarded to Public Relations for archiving.
4. Treasurers Report-
a. Balance on hand $5,937.88 $39 overdraft fee regarding improper deposit was refunded to the account. Expenses; Postcards, Michael Kors Bag for WD Day raffle and water bottle labels.
5. Reports: Board of Directors
a. Presidents: Jody Hauck
-November Board TBA, next business meeting is 10/11/17
b. First Vice President: Heidi Klincewicz
WD Fun Day 9/23/17, volunteers needed for the day. Dana and Heidi donating bottles of water. No GF Back to School Night due to space issue. Kors bag to be raffled off.
Breakfast w/ Santa (Steph Cavallo & Danielle Bright Co-Chair) Sponsors needed, photographer, Grinch, Santa, WD Queens, Flyers, etc.
Operation Blessing Drop Off (High School)
Senior Tea 11/2/17, we will be donating desserts, SUG will be posted shortly. (Danielle)
Mistletoe Market ( Aimee Boucher) volunteers needed, santa in senior center, 11 vendors only, no LuLaRoe vendors due to space. Talked about raising the ticket prices by $5 to feed vendors for free. Aimee sending out invite to past vendors until 10/1, then open to public.
Warn Hearts Bootcamp 12/18/17 RWCC
Be Our Guest Tea 2/10/18

Second Vice President: Melissa Brown
Apparel-looking into vendor; Gariel’s on 45, Monogram Shop?
Year book Edits needed, possible membership drive

b. Federation Secretary: Michelle Bagge
Fall Convention 10/23 Battleground Country Club

6. Reports: Standing Committees
a. Art: Danielle Bright
Scarecrows on Parade 10/1 RWCC
b. Conservation: Stacey Reid
Check from Beach Clean Up?
c. Education: Aimee Boucher
No update
d. Health and Home Life: In need of chairperson
New chairperson is needed. Still collecting soda tabs, unopened happy meal toys, aluminum foil, ziplock bags, trash bags and cereal.
e. Hospitality: Heidi Klincewicz
Contact Heidi if you know a member in need of a meal
f. Public Issues: Kerry Pertrillo
Still collecting items for Lady of Liberty, expired coupons for troops, national guard woodbury, Soldier’s Angels, or post on FB regarding adopting a soldier?
g. State Project-Prevent Child Abuse NJ: Jody Hauck
h. Safety Town: Aimee Boucher
25th Anniversary, enrollment was down, in need of new mats, big wheels, Kathleen was presented gift cards for her years of service to Safety Town.
i. Public Relations:
@WDJrWomensClub on Twitter
Increase exposure by liking our page and commenting on our posts
Invite friends and non members to events
Any print copy of WDJWC in local papers can be brought to the monthly meeting
Email pictures of your events for press release
State Website http;//
Use WestDeptfordJuniors and EagleJuniors as username and password

We are in need of new members, October and Feb socials to gain members.
7. Website Submissions for the April update are due by 11:59pm by the 25th of each month to All board members and department chairwomen should send submission. Adjournment 8:00pm

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